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Kurt Jensen

Hello cybernauts!
You have arrived at MagicMann's homepage. MagicMann is the name of my avatar in the 3-D worlds at the Palace. I also use this handle at Talkcity's religion and spirituality forum. (Go to I am married to the best wife in the world (lucky me). We have two beautiful daughters whose links are below. My daughters are known as Oboe Lady and Dolphin Girl when they visit the Palace. I am a Unitarian Universalist. One of my favorite composers is the Gaelic songwriter/performer Enya. Her music is playing in the background.

Best of the Web Links

Michael Jackson's beerhunter: Beer anyone?
Scientific American Online: Science on-line
ballparks: Take me out to the ballgame
Roadside America: Where you haven't been for a reason
M&M's Studio: M&Ms, shockwave, real audio, and FUN
Anne Frank Online: Lest we forget
Virtual Library: The web's library-check it out
Cybertown: One of the Best!
Epicurious: Gourmet & Bon Appetit are here
Firefly: Free on-line service for entertainment
Teahouse (Enya): Click to change the music, need LiveAudio or Crescendo
Shepherd Moons (Enya): click to change the music, see above.
Watermark (Enya): click to change the music, see above
Mission Impossible Theme: Click to change the music, see above

Unitarian Universalism

Unitarian Universalism is a fierce belief in the way of freedom; it is reverance for the sacred dignity of each individual. With Jefferson, we "have sworn eternal hostility against every tyranny over the mind."

See my Unitarian Universalist page.

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